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Onboard Air Products

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Onboard Air Products

The Wheel 'N' Air Buddy

4 wheel Deflation / Inflation Station - Changes Air pressure to all 4 wheels at the same time, and equalizes the pressure, connects to your Onboard air system.

Also great for emergencies where your tire is low, but can't change to the spare! Simply hook up the 3 good wheels to inflate the underinflated tire!

Starting at around $100 for a 4 wheel system. This is not a heavy and bulky product like the old Quadra-Flate system. It is very lightweight and constructed of premium grade Goodyear hose (flexible to -30 Deg F), and premium brass fittings all of which are professionally crimped... No hose clamps here!
Contact me for specific sizes and pricing.

ARB Replacement Solenoids

Replaces your broken or worn out ARB Solenoid.

Connector Options

Onboard Air Manifolds
Manifold only - Accessories shown are not included

Concept Customs ARB Solenoid Manifolds

Concept Customs made this Black Anodized Aluminum Manifold to allow your ARB Solenoids to work with your non ARB air supply like the Viair, York, and even the CO2 Powertank. These Manifolds feature (1) 1/4" NPT port on each end, and (2) 1/4" ports on one face for your Onboard Air Needs. Then on the adjacent face, to keep your onboard air setup clean and low profile, (2) 1/8" BSPT ports for mounting your ARB solenoids. These also features mounting holes on each face for several mounting options.


Concept Customs 2 Port Manifold

We like to use these for the Viair and York or similar compressors. These give a clean and professional looking setup instead of using multiple tee's and nipples. These feature 3/8" NPT (1/4" also available) ports on each end, and (2) 1/8" NPT ports on the face, with mounting holes on each face for nearly unlimited mounting options. This one is shown with a 160 PSI gauge (also available for about $13,) and a pressure switch that when used in conjunction with a relay and cab switch, can be used to automatically maintain pressure in an air tank. These turn on at 90 PSI, and off at 120 PSI. Use this with the ARB manifold and also available regulators, and you have an air tank at 120 PSI for extra capacity, and 80-90 PSI (as recommended by ARB) regulated air to your lockers.



Concept Customs can supply many different styles and configuartions of manifolds. We can even fabricate a completely custom manifold with nearly any number of ports or thread you could ever want! Contact us for pricing and availability.

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